• Tailgate Service

  Do you have customers or suppliers that do not have dock facilities? 
  We can provide power tailgate service wherever you need it!

  • Heated Service

Heated service is available throughout the winter season.
  Simply mark the Bill of Lading “Heat Required”

  • Appointment Delivery Service

  We specialize in appointment time freight (LTL or TL).
  We deliver to ALL of the major Distribution Centres on a daily basis.

  • Same Day Service

  When it just has to get there!
  We will dispatch a dedicated truck to pickup and deliver your shipment (large or small) directly to your customer.

  • Dedicated Service / Fleet Service

  We will provide all of the equipment and drivers, and will provide the personnel to plan and run the operation – on site if required – to ensure that your “company fleet” is efficient and cost-effective.